Accelerated Learning (AL) is a systemic approach to facilitation that draws on interdisciplinary research and best practices to provide a roadmap to guide us in creating learning programs that have lasting positive impact.

AL begins the process of learning support before participants come to a learning program and supports learning on the job and in learners’ life.

Systemic: AL provides processes to determine how different aspects of the system effect the learner and the learning (i.e. family, culture, organizational structures, their cognitive belief system, their paradigms, values and norms, etc.)

It includes a variety of methods to work with limiting factors in ways that enables a shift in thinking, the development of critical and innovative thinking, and more effective actions and behaviors. It creates the kind of learning that fosters deep learning and transformation.

The design element in AL is represented by the AL cycle which is used to design the impact that is needed for the learning program. It is a SIX phase cycle that comprise of the LEARNER PREPARATION phase, the CONNECTION phase, the ACQUISITION phase, the PRACTICUM phase, the INTEGRATION phase and the APPLICATION phase..

AL is also supported by seven pillars that allows deep learning to happen in an AL environment. This seven pillars are: FACILITATOR, ARTS & CULTURE, BELIEF AND MIDSET SHIFT,LEARNER CENTRIC, ENERGY MANAGEMENT, TECHNOLOGY, REVIEW STRATEGY, INTERACTIVITY, AND PLAYFULNESS.